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Find a local HandiMan, tradesman, cleaner, dog sitter, gardener & so much more, all within just a few clicks on the HandiMan App. All totally FREE. Or if you are interested in finding local work for yourself check out our worker app below for more info.

On-Demand Labor

HandiMan makes it easy for finding instant help with everyday house chores, odd jobs and side gigs. Small or big, no job too small, find a local on-demand labor worker to help with your daily house chores and home services on-demand

Odd Jobs

HandiMan Worker App caters the need for ordinary people to find same day paid odd jobs such as gardening, pet sitting, daily labour, construction, delivery, run errands etc. Publish your availability for on-demand labour and odd jobs

Side Gigs

Wonder if you can find side gigs near you? With HandiMan, there is no wait to get help with on-demand labor jobs. Receive instant jobs notification when local side gigs and odd jobs are posted near you or chat direct customer to worker via out in app call and chat service.

How HandiMan Works?

  • Find an Expert

    You can find a HandiMan worker directly. Install our app and search within your location. Then simply choose from the list and start negotiating/chatting with them direct via our in app chat.

  • Post your Task

    Tell us what you need. It's FREE to post. You can find a HandiMan worker direct or let them come to you with their best offers.

  • Review offers

    Get offers from trusted HandiMan workers and view profiles. Select the most suitable and track when they're on the way with our in app map system.

Earn with our HandiMan Worker App right now!

Download Our Android App to Become a HandiMan worker in minutes! Whether you want a bit of extra cash on the side using our FREE plan or take full advantage of a consistent stream of local work with our Premium account, see below for more info. Launching in London soon.

Coming to apple soon
Pricing Plans

Affordable Pricing

HandiMan Worker App has 2 plans available. One is a free plan where you are limited to one job per month and a premium plan with unlimited jobs, full support and direct chat to customers which is £50 per month.


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Frequently asked quetions

Most job sites or Apps available in the market today are focused on skilled and highly qualified jobs, for example, Engineers, Scientists, Teachers, Professionals…etc. But with HandiMan, the focus is to get 'everyday work' for the ordinary people, earn daily cash to meet ends need. HandiMan helps search and find cash paid jobs near your location that you can apply and receive response instantly via messages. No longer there is days, weeks or months long 'hiring process'. HandiMan connects job seekers with job posters instantly. That's it! Plain and simple.
HandiMan App is available on both iOS and Android operating systems. If you are using iPhone or iPad, search it on Apple Store, or if you are using Android phone, find us on Google Play store. You may also click the download icon above to get re-directed to the store
HandiMan is free to customers. HandiMan Worker has 2 plans available a free plan where you are limited to one job per month and a paid plan which is £50 per month for unlimited jobs commission free.
HandiMan support is available during normal business working hours all week days. On weekends, there may be additional delay in getting back to you. Support can be reached via our email or through the contact form below.

App is available for free on Google Play Store


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